Writing Corner

Do you know my A, B, C’s of writing?

A: Articles
B: Books I have written
C: Current Series

Current Series:

  • What They Must Be (and Us too) ~ Geared toward singleness, I have began an almost weekly series,  where we look at godly qualities that we should seek to pursue for ourselves and to look for in a potential spouse. Please visit my “Single Living” page for other singleness posts.
  • !!! New!!! Love Letters ~ I want to take God’s Word as though it is God’s personal message to me. The Bible is filled with His letters to us, His followers, and how His people have cried out to Him through their writings as well. As I follow this spiritual discipline of writing out His Word, I will share those love letters here.

My Latest Book:

Grace Leads Preview

Grab Your Copy of “Grace Leads, today!

Now Available on Etsy

For June only, you can purchase an autographed copy
of “Grace Leads” for $5 (plus s/h).

Also, available on Amazon

Kindle: $5.99
Print Edition: $10.00 (plus s/h)


Spiritual Gift of Writing


3 thoughts on “Writing Corner”

  1. Enjoyed your post on adrenaline. I have been there, and like you I don’t try to do anything constructive while I just want to go back to sleep! Can’t wait to see your e-book. I trust the editing process is going smoothly.

    1. It’s going pretty well. I was able to divide things up, make changes, undo the changes I made, and then redid those same changes… I just really don’t have a heart for editing. I am praying God changes my heart toward editing. One prayer requests is for the content of the devotions/study, and that it is written God’s way. Only couple days left. It’s crazy… I have been playing around with how to make the printed copies the cheapest (that’s interesting).

    2. Thanks for the support, Chuck! I’ll be sure to keep you updated…. Hopefully, I will be done by Friday at the latest. I need my weekend to unwind. I am excited to get this printed, so I can study it for myself. My main reason for turning them into e-books to begin with (although I want mine in printed form).

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