Memorable Posts of 2017

As we prepare the new year and the many possibilities awaiting us, I invite us to reexplore five handpicked articles from Gracefully Overcoming. 

  1. The Most Humbling Worship Offering {Romans 12:1}
  2. The Shepherd Who Protects {From “Summer Psalms ’17” series}
  3. Finding Captivating Love
  4. Alone with God {From our “Meeting the Thessalonians” Study}
  5. Learning About His Love {From our “Meeting the Thessalonians” Study}

While I excluded the “Inspiring Women” post, every one of those posts seemed memorable or life impacting (at the very least). Each delivered some home hitting message, that influenced me as I poured out my soul in words. Here are just three from that meaningful series.

  1. Praise Before Panic
  2. Strength in the Fight {My Testimony}
  3. That One Compliment

There are soo many things that we can learn from. In 2018, my hope is for us to become more of a heartfelt community of Jesus followers and lovers.

My hope is. . .

to share more genuine words – helping us to draw near to the Lord and keep picking up our Bibles, but to weigh my words (Prov. 15:28) as well.

Don’t forget to pick up your eight week journal for our newest study! {It’s only $6.25 on Amazon} Starting January 15th, we will be studying the Timothys and Titus – using a brand new journal for our time together. Every ounce of support we receive, helps keep this blog running. And, we are so thankful for you all!

In Christ,



ANNOUNCEMENT::: 2017 Studies

I have some exciting news to share, my friends!

I realize many of us are in a frenzy of shopping and cooking, as the Christmas countdown is going on. Only two weeks left. For me, that is hard to believe. The New Year is almost upon us!!

While this year has been crazy for me, as it has for many of you, I am looking forward to what God has in store for us in this new year.

As we continue to seek Him, God is going to do some unbelievable things in our midst. 2017 will be a new beginning, filled with all kinds of new opportunities to know Him on a deeply intimate level and join Him where He is at work!

Today, I am planning what will await us this new year. We have some good things in store.

Starting in January, we will begin a brand new study!! Meeting Thessalonians is going to be an AMAZING time of worship and getting to know God for ourselves! It will be a NINE WEEK study!

I am doing our studies differently this year, though. I must warn you. In order to make sure it is a pace I can follow (because we all know how I can make plans and naturally struggle to keep them – it is part of chronic illness, but also just part of life happening as it does for us all), I am choosing to make our studies “week day” studies. Basically what this means is – we will have two “catch up” days per week. This way… when life surprises us, it doesn’t leave us missing our Jesus time that we are in desperate need of.

The journals will have the same format as before. Well, almost. Our Thessalonians study has a reflection at the end of each week, to help us process what God has taught us during the week as well as preparing for the new week. It also includes a new format for the weekly memory verses, as well as tips to help us memorize God’s awesome word!

After Meeting Thessalonians, I do have a ‘nother set of studies I am planning and learning what I need to still do – in order to make them happen. We will spend most of the year studying a specific New Testament book in a way that helps us to grasp more fully its truths. I will share the name of that book, when the time comes.

… More details to follow!


Plans for 2016?

What are your plans for 2016?

I have one big plan, and truth-be-told I need your help in carrying it out.

For 2016, I want to read through the New Testament. It is filled with sooo much good stuff in this part of God’s Word that I need to spend more time sitting and being with my Savior. My goal as I sit here wanting to read through the New Testament, is to blog my way through the NT.

Only, I wanted to keep my commitment I made, to not overload your guys’ inboxes.

Want to join me in reading through the New Testament this year?

Join me at my 2016 – daily – blogging – spot.

(P.S. I am still totally blogging here on a 2-3x a week basis. I am just learning to spread out where I share my writings.)

Setting Realistic Goals for 2015

Hearing about New Year goals are inevitable. With every approaching year, we read or hear about others’ goals that they have set for themselves. It wouldn’t be beneficial to judge others’ goals, but we can ask ourselves specific questions regarding our own “2015” goals?

  1. Are we setting goals that are realistic for where God has us at this moment?
  2. Are we setting goals that push us closer to our Father and Savior, His Word, and the Church?
  3. What are our motives for our goals?

Ideally, we wouldn’t set more than 3 goals. I started making seasonal goals this year. I am enjoying doing that. It gives me the opportunity to reevaluate my life (physically, relationally, and spiritually) more frequently than New Year resolutions would.

So if I was to set 3 goals, what kind of goals would I set? Even if I don’t know what specifically those goals are, what area would they fall into?

  • Seek God through His Word and music, etc.
  • Reach out to others, when given the opportunity to do so.
  • Write on a more consistent basis.

Those goals aren’t specific – are they? Not exactly. They give me a general direction of areas I want to enrich in my daily life. I want to be more into the Word, pray more for others, saturate myself, be reminded that God surrounds me everyday, and then there is writing. I know I want (and need) to write on a consistent basis.

By choosing to regularly evaluate these 3 areas, I can add in other areas later on that need growth also. If I focus on more these 2-3 areas, I will guarantee you that I will fail.

It occurred to me that the New Year begins in a couple hours.

“Oops” can come to mind – am I ready to do what I said I will do in 2015? My readiness depends on making realistic expectations for the New Year.

To live out our goals, our expectations have to be realistic. It keeps us from discouragement and feeling as though we have failed. What are your 2015 goals? Are they realistic?

Discipline of Silence

Feeling broken/ashamed.
So much has crowded out His voice.
Heart has been feeling heavy.
Many things need to change.
I know where the peace lies though.

God has prepared me for this season of my life. Only I didn’t realize it at the time. I think I was too busy throwing a pity party. 2 years ago I was able to spend a wonderful weekend at a monastery, where God showed me how to really get alone with Him. I really have no reason to complain or emotional when frustrated with my limitations. I may spend a lot of time in bed, but it is really a blessing in disguise: a chance to grow deeply in my walk with Him and fall madly in love with my Savior!

How can I enjoy silence?

Take a short walk
Unplug TV some days.
Read something that draw me closer to my Father.
Declutter/Organize my room so there’s a bit more space
Time of prayer
Just be still
Recognize His blessings.
Take care of what God has given you. (Goes back to keeping room taken care of)
Meditate as you read Scripture.
Blog as you study the Word.
Don’t allow fb to occupy so much of your attention.
Be mindful how you spend your time/energy.

Remember even King David struggled with silence at first. We need to hear God’s voice. We need to be able to discern His voice! The noise of this world is crowding so much out. The still small voices are rarely heard. Put and keep Him first!!!