Struggles | Verse | Faith {POTF}

For the past week and a half, I have found myself in quite a struggle. One that’s harder to attempt explaining, especially with messed up health vitals.

Anyway, today’s quiet time got off to a late start. Several hours late. But, I did get to my #OneGoal, which is to just come nearer to the Lord. To have my purposeful quiet time, where I meet with my Beautiful Savior.

Today, I am addressing a problem I have. I don’t do well with “pouring out my heart” before the Lord. I am not sure why. I mean, He is with me 24/7. He knows me. He sees the hurting going on, behind closed doors.

So today was about my struggles. It was a time of giving voice to my inward struggles – the one I want to pretend is invisible and emotionally painless. But it does hurt. It hurts when I arise, and my heart rate shoots up to mid 100’s with a low blood pressure. It hurts when I stand again and become so dizzy, tricky to stand  without falling over, weak, and wondering if I will make it to the bed in time. It hurts. And, it is life affecting. What’s more, it is soul affecting.

Our Memory Verse –

Earlier this week, my heart just wanted to know how to survive this “flare up”. I just wanted to know how to hang onto my faith during this time of struggling on multiple levels. And today, I found my answer to the “hanging on” part of things.

Which leads me to our memory verse – 1 Timothy 1:19

“You will be faithful and have a clear conscience. Some people have made a mess of their faith because they didn’t listen to their consciences (CEV).”

Friends, let’s keep digging into our Bible’s and pouring out our hearts to our Risen Lord. He is listening. He is waiting for us to open that door, and allow Him to come in.

Keep drawing near, and allowing your faith in Jesus Christ to progress – even when life gets hard. Keep reaching out for His hand, and allow Him to catch you.

Our Mini – Study

I invite you to join me in 1 Timothy. We will be reading 1:1-7. After my time of “collapsing” at our Savior’s feet, I opted to do a bit of bullet point note taking. As we start 1 Timothy, we are met with key points from Titus. The Lord is boldly speaking to us, friends.

Nuggets of Truth –

(A) Friends, Jesus Christ is our Savior and place of hope. Let’s choose to really know and experience Him for ourselves! Because, Jesus Christ – our Beloved Savior is what makes the difference in our lives. Remember His planted grace, mercy, and peace!

More than better circumstances, we desperately need to draw nearer and enter into this beautiful relationship we can have with our Savior Jesus Christ! He alone is what makes the difference.

(B) Remain obedient to the Lord, wherever He sends you. Trust God, knowing He’s working, and choose to obey Him. Teach His Bible based truth. Spread the Gospel and the love only He can give! Keep on loving others. This is our ultimate goal!

(C) Avoid controversies, and promote the Lord and His Work – not what is “trending” in your environment or social media feeds.

[Don’t] pay attention to myths and endless genealogies. These promote empty speculations rather than God’s plan, which operates by faith (1 Tim. 1:4, CSB).

Friends, it’s all worship. Even if we can’t open our Bible’s, even if we struggle to move, let’s just keep making movement toward our Risen Lord. Even if it’s imperfect and seems infantile compared to where we were two years ago. Just keep reaching out for Him and spend your heart in worship. It’s all meaningful. Time spent (energy too) with our Lord Jesus is never wasted!

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Image by Joanna Nix.

Learning with you,



The Generous Giver

Hi friends! For the months of May/June, we will be using a reading plan given to us by Sweet to the Soul Ministries. Feel free to stroll through their Facebook page and blog. They even have a journaling kit and Bible study for this month’s plan!

As we enter into this conversation about how to be women of influence, women who share Jesus’ love and power through their lives, we are reminded today that we will be made rich.

You will be made rich in everything so that your generosity will spill over in every direction. Through us your generosity is at work inspiring praise and thanksgiving to God (2 Cor. 9:11, VOICE).

God is powerful, my friends. He is pouring out His generosity into our lives. He is allowing His generous love to infiltrate our relationships, serving opportunities, and many precious {yet impactful} moments. On a daily basis, God is working in and through us.

While our Lord Jesus is influencing and changing us by His Holy Spirit, He is enabling us to be generous and influence the lives of others.

Just as we have been radically changed, because God has placed someone in our path, our great God is giving us those same kind of opportunities – and He will provide whatever is needed for that moment.

A truth many of us (myself included) need to hear, because truthfully I don’t feel like I have all too much to give. I have little to give in money and energy, but desire to influence lives.

This reminds me that it is about our relationship with Jesus Christ. This allows us to influence others’ lives. God is the One who makes me rich, and will provide my needs. God is making us rich, even when we don’t see it. He is paving the way for us to follow Him in obedience. If He asks us to do something, He will provide all we need.

He is the One who will fill us up, so we have the energy and words to serve others – thus influencing others for His Kingdom’s sake. Too often, we try to serve others without meeting our own needs.

The women who make the most influence, are often those who make the most out of what they have. It’s not that they have much money, time, or other resources to give. It’s that these women are rich in their willingness to love God and others, and know God will meet their needs.

We need to remember our transformation. This is the place, where we sit at Jesus’ feet – in Bible study and fellowship with our great God. As we sit with Him, we are being changed from the inside-out. As we are changed and walk in our new identity, others are changed too.

 God is able to make it up to you by giving you everything you need and more so that there will not only be enough for your own needs but plenty left over to give joyfully to others (2 Cor. 9:8, TLB).

Five Minute Friday – Easy

Five-Minute-Friday-4-300x300Last week, I had to skip over our FMF time. I was having a really hard week, and the writing prompt was the word – easy. Needless to say, I wasn’t feeling it. The last few weeks have been hard. This is the part that Annie overlooks when singing about the sun coming out… I didn’t feel like I had anything to share about “easy”.

However, I do – today. As a sufferer of chronic illness, I want to share a tool that has made my life easier.

Before I jump in to the one tool that has made my life easy, I want to share some information on Five Minute Friday. Each week, writers join together to write on a given prompt. Following our writings, we can come together and share on each other’s blogs. To learn more about FMF, click here. I have cherished each week I can join in this life-giving community!

My Mobile Tool –

A few years ago, I bought a beanbag on a whim. Turns out to be one of the best purchases I could make, for living a better life with chronic illness. It has really helped me in learning to live with Dysautonomia and POTS (Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome). One of my chief complaints (symptom-wise) is fatigue and body weakness.

For these purposes, the beanbag helps. With Dysautonomia, a person’s energy level can fluctuate from low to extremely low. This is where my beanbag steps in. It helps with that. It’s so nice to not worry about trying to hold/carry things – in order to use my laptop or begin my Bible study. I can use my beanbag to help me do every day tasks more functionally.

How I Use It?

It is my mobile desk. I can use it to lay in bed, and do my Bible study. Or, use my laptop. It is huge, for helping me to be able to write. I can use it as a place to set my food, if I need to. That way, I am less likely to fumble and drop food everywhere in my room (it has happened, and it’s a nightmare to try and clean up on low energy).

It is my foot rest. It has become very helpful, in helping me to keep my legs elevated during the day and at night. With POTS, keeping legs elevated in helpful in reducing symptoms and taking care of my body.

I can sit on it. Not so hidden use for the beanbag, I know. ::Smiles::

Best Part –

It’s portable and light-weight, so I can grab-and-go. 

Even if I am low on energy, I can still grab and go. My beanbag doesn’t have to stay in my room. If I want to go hang out on the living room floor with a coloring book, note book, laptop, etc, I am free to do so. So, for me, my beanbag offers me something else – freedom.

Provision –

God has definitely provided by giving me my beanbag. It makes a big difference, especially on the days of body weakness. I don’t have to try to hold things on my lap – because I can use my beanbag to set my laptop, books, Bible, notebook, or food on.

It’s inexpensive (we paid between $10-20), but it gets used sooo much!! (Not a day goes by, where it is not utilized in some way.)

It makes my life soo much easier, just by adding a beanbag into my daily life routine.

What makes your life easier, when you begin to struggle with low energy and carrying things?


Sunday Strength: The Powerful Vine

Let me start off by apologizing if you received an email overload from the blog, it was completely unintentional. I am trying to work on publishing some old (or never published) blog posts. I have p-l-e-n-t-y to be published. When I started this morning, there were 400 “private” blog posts.

Now for today’s post…

Sunday Strength

Tonight, I was separating some fruit from its vine/branches. To avoid having to cut off more fruit, I tried to do something very symbolic. I tried to cut the vine. I never realized just how powerful vines were. I mean, this vine would not cut. It was very tough, that nothing would destroy it. Not my hands. Not an utensil.

The vine was very strong. It was not weak like its branches would have been. It is easier to try and pick the grapes than mess with the vine.

Isn’t that how God is? He is strong and nothing is ever to hard for Him.

The Power of the Vine

In our lives, things will arise. Things to try and disconnect us from our Vine.

… [Y]ou are clean because you have heard My voice. Abide in Me, and I will abide in you. A branch cannot bear fruit if it is disconnected from the vine, and neither will you if you are not connected to Me. – Jesus in John 15:2-4, Voice

The Enemy

See, God’s enemy (the devil) cannot break God. He is described as a “vine”. So he will go after the next best thing: the children of God. He will go after us. But here’s the thing:

The devil doesn’t have any real powerful weapons. In our human eyes, it may seem like he has a lot to work with… But in comparison to the God we know and enter into a relationship with through His Son Jesus Christ, the enemy doesn’t have tools that God cannot conquer.

The True Source

Remember today, the power of the Vine you are connected to. He is our power Source, for everything we face. He will give us strength and grace to endure, and rise up victorious – when we feel as though we have nothing to offer.

Stay in the Word of God

Stay in prayer

Stay in fellowship with the body of Christ – your spiritual family

I recently ‘discovered’ I can use YouVersion offline, and it is a tool I have had in my possession. But, I haven’t used it to its full potential. The Bible is described as a “better than a sword” in Hebrews.

For the word of God is alive and active. Sharper than any double-edged sword, it penetrates even to dividing soul and spirit, joints and marrow; it judges the thoughts and attitudes of the heart (Heb. 4:12, NIV).

How will you choose to deliberately connect to the Vine, in your time, energy, and emotions?

Listen: I know you may be feeling discouraged, defeated, or any number of emotions. But, they are not greater than God. You may be facing a bunch of different circumstances, which are poking at your heart. But, they are not greater than God.

We cannot expect to bear fruit if we are disconnected from the Father.

We can’t expect to stand, if we are disconnected from the Father. So, let’s resolve to accept God’s amazing grace right now, and invite Him into our lives now – as we seek Him from this moment on.

I invite you all to listen to this message by Dr. David Jeremiah, for more encouragement. The message is entitled, “Muscular Christianity”.