Shepherding + Obedience


Ohh friends,

I want to share with you our “focus verse” for the rest of the week. It is soo late in the week, to call it a “memory verse”. But, I really appreciate the truth found in this verse.

The saying is true and irrefutable: If any man [eagerly] seeks the office of bishop (superintendent, overseer), he desires an excellent task (work). – 1 Tim. 3:1, AMPC

I have much to say on this verse, but I want to keep today’s blog post shorter than normal.

Friends, let us consider how we can draw nearer to our Risen Lord today.

I don’t know what you have going on. You may be crazy busy, or physically weaker than normal. Let us consider how we can seek the Lord.

Finding Wholeness in Him

When I seek Him, He fills me up with His Holy Spirit. I don’t want to miss this experience of being full of Him – and feeling complete.

And you are in Him, made full and having come to fullness of life (Col. 2:10, AMPC). .

Normally people give themselves “one word” for 2018, I am finding out what mine is. A bit late? Drawing nearer is my goal for this year. I want to be drawn nearer to our Lord Jesus Christ – despite the circumstances of today.

Plant Based Eating

Today, I am on day 9 of being completely compliant on my new way of eating. I slipped up a bit last night, but overall it is going very well. This is something I am doing out of obedience.

I just want to obey the Lord and follow the direction He is leading me. I am realizing just how much I need to stay on this plant based way of eating.

As of yesterday, I “reappeared” on Instagram. I am hoping to be more vocal about this new way of eating, and maybe share recipes I am coming across and loving. Plenty of things going on, and as the Lord leads – I will share them here.

A Place to Minister

One of the reasons I love our verse is – it reminds me of the gift we have to shepherd others in the faith. As the Lord leads, He allows us to be there to love on and guide others.

This blog is an opportunity for me to live out this passion of mine – to shepherd and lead others closer to our Lord Jesus. Even if my days are filled with sickness or housework busyness, I can meet here and share what the Lord is putting on my heart.

Thank you all for being here, and allowing me to share.

In Him,



Five Minute Friday – Whole

Five-Minute-Friday-4-300x300Welcome to this week’s edition of Friday Minute Friday!
This week’s theme is “whole. To learn more about Five Minute Friday,
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of bloggers come together with the common goal is to spend
five unedited minutes to write on a topic.

Wholeness can be described as “lacking nothing.” In Jesus Christ, we are made complete. We are made whole. In Christ alone, we find peace, solitude, and are made complete.

How have you sought wholeness?

As hard as it is to ask such a question, it is harder to answer. For many of us, we have sought wholeness in the world. We have sought friends, money, a promising career, or an updated relationship status, in order to be made whole. But, the truth is – we can have all of these things and much more, and still lack wholeness. The nagging place in our spirit that screams for wholeness, is still there. We will still be left craving the one thing we desperately seek – to be made whole. To find out who we were meant to be.

In our lives, we all seek ways to convert our broken pieces into wholeness. The question is: “Where are we seeking wholeness?”

The God of the universe wants to impact our lives, through His Word. He wants us to know the answer to the questions we seek. He wants us to find what our souls crave the most – wholeness.

In Him you have been made complete, and He is the head over all rule and authority… (Col. 2:10)

The LORD is my shepherd, I lack nothing (Ps. 23:1).

He heals the brokenhearted and bandages their wounds (Ps. 147:3).

God, through His Son Jesus Christ, comes to bring us into a place of wholeness. We don’t need to stay incomplete. Jesus Christ came to give us wholeness. The One we have been seeking for, He has come. He has risen! He is King. He is holding us together.

Again, I ask:

Where are you seeking wholeness?

We can know we are broken.

We can know that we desperately seek wholeness.

But, where will we turn?

Jesus Christ has come to give us a beautiful life, and it begins with choosing to follow Him. Jesus Christ came, so we might be made whole. He came, to restore what has been broken by sin and this world. He came to give you new life, found in Jesus Christ alone!


Trials Tuesday: Endurance (James 1:2-5)

Trial Tuesday - Endurance 11.10.15

Last week, we began to unravel this truth that…

God can work good in our trials.

Reread James 1:2-5

What is God teaching you through this passage of Scripture?

Let me share some key things going on in this passage of Scripture. Before we talk about enduring and spiritual maturity, we need to talk about the one thing in this passage that ties it all together.

God’s Wisdom

God’s wisdom is the key to enduring trials and coming out of them successfully.

Like a diamond, God is refining us in the process. As He refines us, we need to seek His wisdom and focus on our relationship with Him. He is what makes the difference between painful (profitless) trials and good-coming-out-of-our-trials.

In verse 5, we are reminded that God is open to giving us His out-of-this-world wisdom if we will simply come and ask.


Testing our faith reveals endurance (consistency).

How have trials taught you consistency in placing your trust in Jesus Christ?

One of the “jobs” of trials is to remind us that we cannot survive without Jesus Christ. We need our Maker. I love this definition of endurance, where we are reminded that one who endures – “is not swerved from his deliberate purpose and his loyalty to faith and piety by even the greatest trials and sufferings.” This quote leaves me with a related question.

Would I live out my God-given purpose, if I did not have trials?

Lacking Nothing

This concept of “lacking nothing,” means…

When the testing is through, we will be one step closer to being perfect and complete in Christ – “without fault”.

The truth is – all of us need Jesus to finish the work He has started. In Philippians 1:6, we are reminded that this is what He will continue to do: He will finish what He has started. We will lack absolutely nothing, with Jesus guiding us through our lives.

God is helping us in our adversity to lack absolutely nothing. This is an important component to grabbing ahold of Jeremiah 29:11 in our lives. God has a plan, but often His plan involves growing pains. Teleios, the Greek word for this kind of “perfection,” actually means “full grown.”

In this light, trials can help “make us” – so to speak. I don’t enjoy trials in the least bit, but the growth experienced makes it worth the messy ride.

In our trials, we still have a hope that has been in place every single day of our lives. We are given hope through Jesus Christ – our Lord and Savior through His death and resurrection!

Some good questions to ask on this spiritual growth include – “In your trials, how have…”

  1. you noticed God is bringing you closer to the likeness of Christ and further away from the person you were before coming to Jesus?
  2. you felt like you were lacking? Bring it to God right now. Arm yourself with Scriptures that speak truth to your circumstances.
  3. the trials brought you closer to experiencing growth?
  4. you experienced God’s strengthening you through His Word?


Write out Romans 5:35, and focus on those things this week.

**All definitions were found using the Strong’s Concordance.**