Living As God Intended {Trial Truths}

Late last year, I set up some boundaries. Social media boundaries. These boundaries were put in place to protect me. To protect my heart. The hard thing about social media is – the reminder of how different our lives can look like from everyone else’s.

My life looks vastly different from everyone else’s. I could sit here and literally count the ways. But, it doesn’t really benefit my soul to do that. Instead of doing this profitless thing, I need to keep my focus on the Lord and His Word.

Looking to the Word –

But be sure in deciding these matters that you are living as God intended, marrying or not marrying in accordance with God’s direction and help, and accepting whatever situation God has put you into. This is my rule for all the churches (1 Cor. 7:17, TLB).

In Scripture, we are reminded that – we can be placed in very different circumstances from others. There is a bigger picture than our circumstances (even the devastating ones), and that is the quality of relationship we have with God through His Son Jesus Christ! Will we allow the Lord to be of greater importance than our painful circumstances?

Some things in my life can make me feel so ashamed, and yet I have to remember it is a “drawing near” tool. While my identity isn’t in my circumstances, these things can help me connect with Christ – who is the Source of my identity.

Whatever your circumstance, I welcome you to my blog. You are welcome here. None of us fit into this perfect box of unbrokenness, for we all face hard things. Let’s just keep coming to our Lord Jesus honestly, and learning how to live for Him.

The circumstances we face can be very tough at times. I love this verse found in 1 Cor. 7, because it honestly shares the truth we need to recite in our daily lives. We need to consider how to live a life for our Lord Jesus, even now. We need to live out the call God has placed on our lives today, rather than waiting for better circumstances.

If you are anything like me, you might be feeling inadequate and broken right now. Friend, this is where the Lord will meet you and share with you His presence as you draw nearer to Him.

While I cannot fix your circumstances or even my own, I am here to offer you comfort. The truth is – you are not alone, neither am I. We are not alone. The Lord Jesus Christ meets us here. In this place. And out of all other places, this is the one where He chooses to reveal Himself the most. . . as we come broken before Him and desperately seeking Him.

Well, that is all I have to share today. But, I will be back soon. Don’t forget to order your journal and prepare your heart – because Monday we begin our newest online Bible study (Press On Toward Faithfulness)!



Fighting Well When Weary

I have been sick for quite a while. Some days or weeks, are miraculously better than others. Then you have days like these, where there’s just debilitating weakness and nightmares (meaning: lack of sleep). Everything is snowballing. So, the question you habitually begin to ask is. . .

“Would someone else do a better job if they were placed in my shoes?”

You wonder if someone else would have more success, if they were in your exact shoes.  You begin to consider if it’s not your circumstances, as much as it is somehow you.

The Gift of God’s Grace –

Even as I wrestle with this question, there is something I know to be fully true.

I know, it’s by God’s grace that I have accomplished all I have. And I know that this same grace God gives, is why I can remain encouraged and endure through my circumstances. Because of Jesus’ work on the cross, I am not alone and He is carrying me and my grief.

I may struggle with how well of a job I am doing, but I am still here. I am still fighting. I am still staying where I am planted, and trying to be on the look out for something good to spring up from the ground of my circumstances – that makes it all worthwhile.

Even so, I still can’t help but wonder about that thing. That question. “Would someone else do a better job?” The question, I guess, we all find ourselves asking at one time or another. Even if it is not in sickness, we each face our own unique battles.

Let’s resolve to give this to God. May I give this to my God, with whom I have a relationship, because His knowledge and strength are far greater than my own!

I am what I am. I give what I give. I just need to keep my sword of intentionality nearby, so I fight this battle well. I need to be able to fight well.

Be Intentional –

I need to remember to be intentional. While I can’t break from my struggles, I can choose how I fight my battles. And some days, I will lose. But, I need to figure out how to win.

Our circumstances are not our choice, but how we fight is.

Many of us face circumstances, where we cannot pause our circumstances to regroup ourselves. There’s comfort in knowing I am not alone. The struggles are, as I said, unique for each of us.

I need to remember I am doing my best. Even when I am too weak to fight. Even when I am tired of fighting. I need to be careful in how I fight and learn to fight well.

The Tools –

And, fighting well means not giving up. Summer will be difficult on my body, but I can’t give up. I have to continue enduring and learning which weapons are best suited to fight my battles, which includes –

  1. Stay deep in the Word. As for this Summer, I am working toward reading through the book of Psalms and blogging as I go.
  2. Keep praying and fellowshipping with my Lord Jesus.
  3. Trusting myself and more importantly Jesus Christ. I need to trust that I am doing my best with what I have been given and that my Savior is well pleased with me – regardless of my sickness.

God’s Incomparable {{Week 3}}

Friends, we have covered a lot of ground this week. We have plunged into the depths of Isaiah 40. In our week’s study, we have looked at verses 9 through 17.

There is No Substitute for God


“All the people of the earth are nothing when compared to him; he does whatever he thinks best among the angels of heaven, as well as here on earth. No one can stop him or challenge him, saying, ‘What do you mean by doing these things? (Daniel 4:35, TLB)’”

This week, we learned that God is incomparable. We have many one-of-a-kind things in this world. I am reminded of a friend with a banana allergy. Bananas are one of a kind. You can’t substitute bananas, for something else. It doesn’t give the same kind of taste. If we think things of this world are unique and unable to find a suitable substitute, what does that say about their Creator?

God is the One who has uniquely designed everything we have! He is incomparable. (Click to Tweet)

Spiritually speaking, God is unique. God is incomparable. We cannot substitute anything else, to avoid having a relationship with God. Only God can fill us up. Only God can provide the necessary strength and steps we need to walk in this life. There is no substitute for God. None. This is the most important truth we could ever learn.

You’re Invited!

I hope you all are enjoying this study. I invite you all to join me, as we continue our Isaiah 40 study. We have a set of resources available to all (journal and schedule). We are half way through our study, but there is so much more for us to learn from this passage of Scripture.

The Schedule {{Week 3}}

Isaiah 40:18-20

Isaiah 40:21-22

Isaiah 40:23-24

Isaiah 40:25

Isaiah 40:26

Don’t forget our blog posts, for this study, will go out on… Sunday, Monday, Wednesday, and Friday!


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Nations Versus God {{Week 2}}

For the next few weeks, we are studying Isaiah 40. Be sure to pick up your free journal and schedule to join us!

The Scriptures – Isaiah 40:15-17; Daniel 4:35

In the news today, we are reminded of an nation’s greatness. We read about the power struggles between this and that nation. Yet, here we are given the truth.

Nations are regarded as nothing, in comparison to God. If we think people and nations are where power is found, then, we are sadly mistaken. We need to take a second glance – using the Word of the Lord as our guide.

God’s Greatness

In Daniel 4:34-35, we are reminded of God and His character. We couldn’t begin to compare ourselves to God. His rule and kingdom is described as “everlasting” and “eternal”.

He Holds It All

The world is spinning out of control, but God is in charge of it all. This world answers to a holy God. The holy God. To Him, we will all give account. It is time to lay down our pride, and humble ourselves before God.

Why We Can Rest Easy

In Christ there is safety and comfort, for God is always going to remain the same. We don’t have to transition from worship to worry. God is on our side, acting on our behalf. This is why we need to stop all the comparing, and just humbly seek His face. He is far greater than anything on this earth!

We don’t have to transition from worship to worry. God is on our side… (Click to Tweet)


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God’s Passion Pursuit {{Week 2}}

For the next few weeks, we are studying Isaiah 40. If you haven’t done so yet, grab your journal and schedule and join in the fun!

The Scriptures – Isaiah 40:12; Amos 4:13

“Who else has held the oceans in his hand? Who has measured off the heavens with his fingers? Who else knows the weight of the earth or has weighed the mountains and hills on a scale? (Is. 40:12, NLT)”

“For the Lord is the one who shaped the mountains, stirs up the winds, and reveals his thoughts to mankind. He turns the light of dawn into darkness and treads on the heights of the earth. The Lord God of Heaven’s Armies is his name! (Amos 4:13)”

God’s Equal

A lot of times, we try to find some rhyme or reason to believe (which leads to action) that God is our equal. We yell at Him. We critique His plans for our lives, as though, they were quickly and thoughtlessly made. When we do this, we miss out on many aspects of walking in relationship with God.

The Truth

How often we neglect this truth right here –

The Lord is the One who shaped the mountains, stirs up the winds, and reveals His thoughts.

We forget how much God is not our equal. God is unlike anyone we could ever come across, in this world. God is…

  • Awesome in power
  • All-knowing
  • All-loving
  • Full of justice
  • the One who is always for us. There is none like Him.

But, God has chosen to know you on the most intimate level.

Our relationship with God is the most vital relationship in our lives! (Click to Tweet)

The Depth of God’s Involvement

Lord God, You reign! You are bound by absolutely nothing. Even your mercy is described as “boundless”. You are the One who is Supreme and head over all things. Thank You for the kind of relationship I can enjoy with You. In Jesus’ Name, Amen.

See Colossians 1:15-19


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