Almost Time! {Press On Toward Faithfulness}

Hello my friends!!

Our study is quickly approaching. Press On Toward Faithfulness is our eight week study. I do hope you will join me, as we sit and study the Word of God. Diligently, we will be studying and learning from the books of Titus and 1-2 Timothy.

About the Study –

While it is New Testament books we are reading, they are only a few chapters each. And each day, we will be taking it slow and ingesting the treasures of our great God bite by bite. I promise you, the daily readings won’t be too long to read and meditate upon. We will be taking our time walking through these precious chapters.

Our goal here isn’t to see how much of the Bible we can read in one sitting. Rather, our ultimate goal is to allow Christ and His Word to take root in our hearts and change us from the inside-out!

In these books, we are able to gain wisdom from Paul as he counsels two spiritual brothers actively involved in ministry. Titus and Timothy gleaned much needed encouragement, as God spoke to them through Paul. They were encouraged, which helped them stay faithful to what the Lord was leading them to do. Many of us need this kind of encouragement.

Gathering Your Tools –

Our study begins January 15th, so it is just a few short days away. Be sure to grab your eight week Scripture Writing journal, which can be used for this study (or almost any study). It is only $6.25 on Amazon.

Next week, I will reveal our Press On Toward Faithfulness schedule – which we will be using to guide us through our day to day study. While it is a daily study, it will allow us to take in the Scripture piece by piece to get as much as we can – out of this sacred time. Each day, we will uncover new (and even once forgotten) truths that can radically change our perspective of God, ourselves, and show us the steps we need to take – as we place our trust in our Lord Jesus.

Also for those interested: We have a Facebook women’s small group ready to meet and dive into this study in a more personal setting. Consider joining us! But don’t forget about our multiple blog posts – as we go through this study! We will be spending lots of time diving into the Word together, whether it is through the blog or our women’s small group (sorry guys!).

Let’s Pray, Friends –

Lord Jesus, prepare our hearts for this sacred time. So many of us need this time more than words can say, and I know I am one of them. Prepare us physically, emotionally, and spiritually for this study. Help us to be planted in Your divine word and hear from You. As we hear directly from You, help us willfully obey – surrendering everything – so You can move in our lives, communities, and ministries. Be glorified, Lord. Amen!

Talk with you soon, my friends.


P.S. Thank you for the support you provide, to keep this ministry going! The website link may be changing, so keep an eye out for that – friends. Even when this happen, fear not! The ministry of this blog will press on. The Lord has been providing mightily for all our necessities. I received word that my laptop was no more, but the Lord provided one for me to use.


New Study + Eight Week Journal

Hi friends!

I am soo excited to be back and ready to kick off our first Bible study of the year. We will be studying the books of Timothy and Titus in an eight week format. For this study, I am trying a new approach.

We will use a eight week journal I have designed. I hope you all enjoy this journal and its lower price. In effort to keep my blog’s domain, I have made this journal available to all over on Amazon and many other shopping websites for all your book needs.

Excluding helping out Gracefully Overcoming itself, this journal is a wise choice for our quiet time – because of its amazing features! It has a section to jot down our weekly memory verse, prayer requests we may have, Scripture writing, and then the specified journal and prayer sections. Even includes a weekly reflection! =]

While Christmas leaves many of us with a limited budget, this journal is only $6.25! And it gives you 56 daily entries (8 full weeks) to keep you writing, as you meet with God, worship, pray out, and study His Word.

Won’t you consider supporting Gracefully Overcoming, while purchasing a copy of the eight week journal? Our new study is set to begin January 15th – in effort to give everyone adequate time to prepare for our study.

I am excited to be with you all again, and to begin our eight week Bible study! While our study doesn’t officially begin until the 15th, my study will likely begin very soon – so I can make sure to stay on top of things. In the meantime, I will work on a {more} clever title for our study, other than “that eight week study”.

While we only have one design for our eight week journal, my hope is to include a few more designs over time. Bear with me: My laptop is headed for the shop tomorrow.

In Christ,


Schedule for Remaining Blog Study

Hi friends!

For the last few weeks, we have been going through the Sermon of the Mount. But before we reached Jesus’ awesomely convicting sermon, we were met with the temptations Jesus Himself faced.

The Father sent Him out into the wilderness, too. In the wilderness, where it was just the Father, Son Jesus, Holy Spirit, and the tempter Satan. In the wilderness, is a sacred but difficult place. Sacred, because of commune with the Father. Difficult, because of the heaviness of the temptations He would endure.

Jesus shows us how to walk through our own wildernesses.

And sometimes, it means getting away from everything we once knew. To be given our Father’s perspective on our life’s difficulties.

My Own Wilderness

Lately, I have been feeling like I need to take a step back in my online presence. This will only affect social media, not my blog itself. With that said, I have made a schedule to keep everyone in tuned with where we are in our study.

While the journal is available on Amazon (and your support is soo needed and appreciated, it’s what keeps this blog running), I have been posting the main scriptures on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. Although Facebook had a glitch this week when I made my new Instagram for my new blog, Chronically Overcoming.


Just like my Instagram account was disconnected from its purposeful source (Facebook is honestly the primary reason I began using Instagram in the first place, but anyway). A lot of times, we mean well… but in the process, we become disconnected from the important things (see Col. 3:1-2).

We need to take reflective rest breaks, and just take time out to allow our perspective to be renewed and to take inventory of our spiritual lives. There is absolutely no shame in this. It is actually really good to plug in and just take inventory of our spiritual lives. Where are we? And, where are we trying to go? Has God been the One leading us?

This is what I need to begin exploring.

As we continue our study, let’s expect God to move things around in our lives. Let’s expect God to show us what we need to surrender to Him. I don’t know where you are in your life, but I can guarantee you – He is asking you to surrender something. Take time to disconnect and check your connection with Him. Make sure you know what He is willing you to do. Make sure you can clearly hear His voice. Just disconnect for a bit, in whatever way God leads you.

Again, this choice will not affect the blog posts you all have grown accustom to seeing here on Gracefully Overcoming.

* Please note: The link for the journal (through Amazon) is an affiliate link.
* You can find all of the posts for our Gleaning study here.

Diving In {{Week 2//Announcement}}

This week, we conquered the beginning of our Bible study. We are covering Isaiah 40, over the next three weeks. This past week, we devoted ourselves to intentionally studying Isaiah 40:1-8. To those who are going through this Bible study with me, I want to tell you something.

Congratulations! It may not seem like it now (or maybe it does), but these are the moments that count. These are the moments, where you are being intentional about your time and relationship with God.

Recap: Our Isaiah study has a journal and schedule available for all to use, for free. The journal isn’t found only on Amazon, because it is a shorter study. I want to invite you all to join us, as we slowly work our way, through this special chapter of God’s Word.

This study has much to teach us about God, His character, and His love for humanity. It is the perfect way to spiritually prepare ourselves, for our next study – “Gleaning From the Heart of Jesus”.

In our Sept-Nov study, we will be studying Jesus’ temptations and the greatest sermon we could ever hear (Matthew 4-7). For more info, please see the end of this post. You won’t want to miss it, as I have included the official start date for our new study.

The Schedule (Week 2)

Isaiah 40:9-10
*Blog Post Day*

♥ Isaiah 40:11 ♥

Isaiah 40:12
*Blog Post Day*

Isaiah 40:13-14

Isaiah 40:15-17
*Blog Post Day*

The Weekend
Review//Go Deeper

You can find all of our posts, regarding this study, at a wonderful little place called “Experiencing the Beauty”. It is a special home, to keep all our Isaiah 40 posts tucked nicely together. If you ever miss a day’s post and wonder where you can possibly find it, that is where you will want to go.

Our Announcement

Friends, I encourage you to consider joining our next study. It kicks off Sunday, September 11! We finally have our start date. Aren’t you excited?!? I know, I am. This study is going to be an amazing time of worship and drawing near to Jesus. This study will last nine weeks. So, it is a bit longer than the standard Bible study reading plan you might find on most blogs. But, it is an in-depth look at Matthew 4-7. We will take bite-size looks at this set of Scriptures. It will be the same exact format as Isaiah 40, Ephesians, and most of our other recent studies.

It is still a very do-able study, for anyone regardless of what your daily life might look like. Your life might be crazy, but you can still carve out 20-30 minutes a day to plunge into a deeper Bible study. I am so excited for our study. I hope you are too!

Visit this link to check out the journal for Gleaning From the Heart of Jesus! Please note: As an Amazon Affiliate, my blog is given a small earning when you use this link for any purchase you make.

August Announcements

Psssst, stay tuned for the big announcement at the end of this post. You won’t want to miss any of it!

We are on the last week of our Ephesians study. It blows my mind, when I think about how God has taught and strengthened me these past several weeks of study. Ephesians was a great book to study, and I am soo glad you all joined me. We still have two new blog posts to share this week, that go with our study “Walking into the Light”.

If you missed the study and want your chance to grab the journal, please use this Amazon link. Please note: As an Amazon Affiliate, any purchase made is just one way you can offer your heartfelt support to Gracefully Overcoming.

Scripture Challenge

I have a new Scripture Writing Challenge for us –

For the month of August, I will be “hosting” a brand new study, using Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook (with occasional blog posts). So my hope is that – you will consider joining me. Just as I did for a few short studies, I will compile a journal to guide us – as we study this particular chapter in the Bible (to be announced very soon!).

After I work out the little details, I will be back to share the official details with you all. Until then, join me in prayer for our new scripture writing study.

Saving the Best for Last!

This is truthfully the big announcement!

I am so excited to share this announcement with you all. I have found another place in the blogging world – to share some of the things God is showing me in my journey of life. I am very stoked about this new experience and season God is allowing me to enter into. I have joined Servants of Grace, in what they are doing to proclaim the Gospel to all nations.

Today, I am over on SOG discussing community, the longing for it, and how the Gospel has impacted the version of community we have. You won’t want to miss it. This article is a sequel of sorts. I wrote about my struggle for community earlier this month. You may remember community is a big heart struggle of mine. I crave community. I invite you to join me over there, to discuss God’s design for community. There is much more God has in store for us. We shouldn’t have to settle or starve for community. Click here to read “The Gospel and Community”. 

I will write back later this week, to share specific details about our August study! So, you will want to stay tuned

~ Stacey