Past Projects

I have participated in a variety of projects over the past four years. Some were lived out more faithfully, than others. But, they were things I just cherished being able to write and share in the joy of learning more about God, the Word, and myself in the process.

31 DaysEach October, a group of bloggers join up for one common purpose: To blog each day of the month. I chose to stick with my FMF crew, for this challenge. Each day was planned out, for us. Each day’s topic was mostly bloggers’ approved, where suggestions were made for the daily topics. I chose to title my 31 Days – “A Month in My Shoes”. This is where others can get to know me, in a way that is personable – as I write about various topics.

The Outcasts – I began this series earlier this year. It lasted for a while, where I just began studying certain people in primarily the New Testament who could be labeled as an outcast in some way or another, and how God ministered to them… how He blessed them in some way.

Some of the older projects include:

The Best Yes

Reading Plans – A few incomplete, but enjoyable experiences filled with God’s Truth

  • Chronological
  • Discipleship Journal
  • Two Year