Experiencing The Beauty

Through Experiencing the Beauty of… Isaiah 40, we are taught about God, His character, and His love for humanity. In these journal entries, we get a glimpse of what God desires to show us – as we seek His face through Isaiah 40.

There are resources made available to you, as you study this special chapter of God’s Word. Be sure to check out our journal (free) and schedule, for this four week study!

You can find the entries below –

Week 1

Week 2

Week 3 (Aug. 21-26)

Week 4 (August 28-September 2)

  • God Never Gets Tired {Sunday}
  • Faith Deficiency {Monday}
  • Renewal Despite Earthly Troubles {Wednesday}
  • Keep Us Stronger {Friday}

Gleaning From The Heart of Jesus (Matthew 4-7 Study) will begin… September 11th.

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