Bible-Based Studies.

Page is currently under construction.

Currently, I have three I am involved in:

Discipleship Journal Reading Plan

I begun this study in the last days of 2013, and had hoped to finish it by the end of 2014. I am going to be continuing on this study during 2015. It is not about the end product of finishing a study, but it is about honoring God and seeking Him in His Word. I am taking a break from this study, but hope to continue in it in the coming months.

All of which began in December 2014:

  1. Farewell Discourse (John 14-18)
  2. The Old Fashioned Way (which is based on the devotion by Ginger Kolbaba)
  3. The Outcast

Each of these studies are close to me.

Farewell Discourse

These four chapters of John are filled with lessons that Jesus
earnestly wants to teach His disciples, so it is exciting to read, see, and hear
what God wants also to teach me right where I am,
and how I can be closer to Him.

The Old Fashioned Way
(Goes “live” January 5th, 2015)

Based on the devotional, I am choosing to journal my way through my reading of the devotional. My entries are Scripture filled, as I seek God’s plan and how I can glorify God as I think about dating, courting, and traditions (past and present). The goal is to write Scriptures that come to mind, how we can use traditions to honor God more, and enhance our relationships with others (even in the non-romantic relationships).

The Outcast:

This study is only on Sundays. Through The Outcast, I focus on some aspect on the lowly and discarded in the New Testament. Those on the marginalization of society, and the coping that must happen… as well as how being an outcast can help us rely more fully on the Lord.


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