MMS – Crash

MMSFor the month of October, I am joining many bloggers in a challenge to write every single day for 31 days. I learned about this challenge through another challenge I participate in most weeks. The “Five Minute Friday” challenge is going to expand to last the whole month! Each entry, will be five minutes unedited of writing on a particular theme – found on Kate’s blog.Today’s theme is “crash.”

I have been spending some time this morning looking through some very-old-journal– entries. It’s in this moment I am reminded of the great work God can do. As I reflect on this great work, I am reminded of the confidence I can have in God… because He has “good work… and I am sure he will continue it until it is finished when Jesus Christ comes again (Philippians 1:6, NCV).”

The Crash

There are times in my life where I have felt a “crash”. I was met with this agonizing decision, and would serve as a catalyst for my spiritual journey. “To stay or leave.” During this particular season of my life, I was serving in church where I had spent the beginning of my adult years deepening my faith in my Lord Jesus Christ. I was preparing for a move from the community college to a university. It was a season of difficult and change. In these moments with my church family, I just felt led to move into a new church home to flourish in my faith, be discipled by others, and to learn how to authentically live out my faith (this is not to say that I ‘couldn’t’ do this at the former church I belong to. It was a good church where they faithfully preached the Word of God, but God was moving me into a new season.)

New Seasons

As we face new seasons in our lives, they often include difficulty. We have to make choices. Choices like the ones I have made in my adult years.

  • Do I stay or go?
  • How can I glorify God?
  • Is it about me… or God and His eternal will?

Write It Down!

Those crash…. The struggle… The long-awaited answered prayers.

We need to start jotting it down. So then, we can remember what God has done for us. We don’t want to chance forgetting what our great Savior has done for us, and how He will continue to work in our lives.

Give praise to the Lord, proclaim his name;
    make known among the nations what he has done.
Sing to him, sing praise to him;
    tell of all his wonderful acts.
Glory in his holy name;
    let the hearts of those who seek the Lord rejoice.
Look to the Lord and his strength;
    seek his face always.
Remember the wonders he has done… (Ps. 105:1-5a, NIV)

When We Remember

When we remember what God has done for us, we can look back on that difficulty and see God’s hand at work. Seven years ago, I met great difficulty in my spiritual journey. I had to decide where I would place myself, so that I could sit at the feet of Jesus. I had to find out what would best help me to keep Jesus as my number one priority, and how to just focus from Him. God has taught me a lot of things through that moment and through my current church family.

The most important lesson I think I could learn today, is God will work all things out. He will do what He promises to do. In my struggles with my health and life in general, I can have joy and peace – because I know the One who holds the future. He’s got it all figured out, so I don’t have to fear or worry. He’s got this!

We are confident that God is able to orchestrate everything to work toward something good and beautiful when we love Him and accept His invitation to live according to His plan (Rom. 8:28, VOICE).

In Each Season of Movement

… we need to ask specific questions to help us stay on the right track. Specific questions relating to our circumstances. Through all my questions, one thing was made clear. This couldn’t become about me. It had to be about searching out God’s will for my life, so I could be built up in my faith and community of believers who follow Jesus.

(Today’s post was obviously more reflective, so a bit longer than 5 minutes. But, the message is far too good to keep to myself!)


Author: Stacey Patrick

Stacey is a writer by nature, and blogs over at Stacey loves to write whenever she can. Her writings center around her love relationship with Jesus Christ, His precious words of truth, chronic illness, and singleness.

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