Invisible Illness Week is Coming (Neuro-Cardiogenic Syncope)

blogger-badge04In the month of September, there is a little something called…

Invisible Illness Week.

During this week, invisible illness sufferers and advocates unite for the common good of raising awareness. In the course of raising awareness, we let our voices ring loudly – even if it means others give off blank stares and begin to stray from our presence.

I have Neuro-Cardiogenic Syncope. I was diagnosed October 2014. I am thankful for the diagnosis, because I have suffered for years. It has gradually worsened. Out of all health issues residing in my body, this is the worst of them.

**Please note: What follows is a sharing of my struggles. It doesn’t mean I am complaining or being negative. I am simply sharing, so we can raise awareness. In order for others to know about NCS (which I had never heard of before my diagnosis almost a year ago, we must be willing to talk about it in whatever platform God has given us. This is mine…**

  • I am intensely exhausted.
  • I am weak (my back can’t support itself tonight, so I am currently using a wall to prop me up… meanwhile, my legs are in this disformed “W” shape to help keep my balance at a decent level – just to keep my body from swinging one direction and leaving me to fall over).
  • I keep dropping everything.
  • I have two large fans in my room (plus A/C), and still can’t cool off.
  • Standing is an Olympic sport (leaving me at “almost collapsing” status, and often).
  • I rarely get to enjoy a hot bath, due to what it does to my body.
  • I am ridiculously cranky. Anxious. Cranky.

This is what I face, living with NCS (Neuro-Cardiogenic Syncope).

This is my current reality (more posts to come on NCS and invisible illness).

My posts are generally happy and bubbly. I am sure there is good hidden in the affliction. Some days, it just takes more effort to find it than others. God has been my refuge. My shelter. My Shepherd.

Without the Holy Spirit dwelling inside of me to carry me through the many bad moments, I would not still be here. There is hope found in Christ. In Christ. Doctors do their best, but make sure to allow me to know this NCS thing is difficult to treat. It is even more difficult and frustrating to live with. While I am on medications for it, the bad days – like today have to be ridden through with delicate grace. The kind of grace found in God alone.

I am just one of the many who suffer with NCS (to learn more about NCS, click here).

Today is not a picture of how I am every day. The good days, while they seem far away, will be coming very soon. Until then, I just need to keep my eyes peeled. With my eyes wide open, I can keep my eyes on Jesus and watch to see what He has to show me.

Thanks for taking the time to read. I hope to share more of my invisible illness journey over the coming days, weeks. Stay tuned!

Stacey – Gracefully Overcoming

One day at a time and with the power of Jesus Christ, we can overcome these things and win the fight.


Author: Stacey Patrick

Stacey is a writer by nature, and blogs over at Stacey loves to write whenever she can. Her writings center around her love relationship with Jesus Christ, His precious words of truth, chronic illness, and singleness.

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