Sampler of Grace Leads

Originally, I planned to release a particular book to the public today. Only, something happened. God met and exceeded my expectations. It was supposed to be a devotional. It was supposed to only be something, so I can read “Grace Leads” – a blog series- on my kindle.

A week ago (or it will be by the time this post is scheduled to be published), I felt led to do something I would never do on my own. I felt led to turn it into a five or six week Bible study. I don’t know exactly what is next in this journey or how many weeks it might take me to turn it from a simple devotional to a Bible study. It is well on its well, to being done. But, not quite “ready” yet.

Instead of releasing the book today, I am choosing to do something else. I am choosing to release a small portion of the Bible study. So you, the reader, can see what kind of Bible study this will be. It is something that I firmly believe is God’s leading. My spirit is struggling, but God is speaking boldly in my midst.

Click here to see the PDF sampler of Grace Leads

May God use it to bless your spirit and draw you nearer to Him!

The Study:

  • What are your thoughts?
  • What are some of your favorite features for a Bible study?

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