Katz’ Gluten Free Donuts (Chocolate Frosted and Powdered Donuts)

I have to share with you all my new discovery.


Real donuts….

Katz is a gluten free brand that has donuts (they have other things too). For most who have to be gluten free, it’s been quite a while since donuts have been a part of my diet. Before trying Katz, I hadn’t ate a donut in years. I have researched Katz, thought of trying their “free samples”. I never got around to it, but had long awaited trying these donuts…  just to see how well they measured up to their gluten-filled counterparts. And, I have to say: they were well worth the wait! They taste just like the real deal. It’s amazing. I have tried two of Katz products (powdered and chocolate frosted donuts), and they are well worth the money and trying.


I found some of Katz’ variety of donuts at the local Sprouts that has just arrived in Bakersfield. The quality of the donuts make them worth the money. For half of a dozen donuts, it was 5.99 dollars. They are stored in the freezer, so will last a while (as long as you have self-control to not eat more than one at a time). Love these! May I never go without donuts, ever again!


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