Freedoms Examined

In twelve hours, my five day stay away from certain “freedoms” (social media and watching TV) will be up. What, if anything, have I learned?

  • Hindrances
    • There are many hindrances in my life, that distract and lead me away from the One who created and sustains me.
  • Idols
    • Things can easily become idols that are set up in my life, even if I don’t mean for them to. An idol is anything that is of a higher priority than my walk with God.
  • Time
    • I have learned that it is a time waster. Not only is it a time waster, but I use these things to “fill the gaps” in terms of time. “Well, there is nothing else to do” or “It will make the day go by faster”.
    • Time is to be cherished. It is to be held as sacred. God has gifted me with time. Now, I must choose how to wisely use it. As the Scriptures say, I need to “make the most of every opportunity”.
  • Loneliness
    • I also use things as a way to “fill my heart”. Not just time, but my heart. To fill the loneliness, I may use social media or watching my favorite shows.
  • Reality Escape
    • I can easily use these same things to escape my reality. Any reality. I can use these things to escape my reality. To run away, from the things that plague my heart and life. Instead . . . of turning to Christ to help me, and then enduring with the reality – instead of escaping it.
  • Depression
    • The very things I use to escape loneliness and escape reality, can cause me to reenter depression quicker than I might have otherwise.
  • Intimacy
    • When I crave intimacy, I need to seek God through His Son Jesus – before turning to other things. I need to discern my needs before jumping into conversations. I need to seek Christ – before divulging into conversations on social media. If I am struggling due to not having intimacy with Christ, other people and my relationships with them – will never be enough. It will never soothe my spirit. It will never be enough. They will never be enough.
  • Freedom
    • If not handled with care and self-control, such freedoms can be dangerous. If not careful, they can lead me away from God – instead of drawing me to God. If I plan on utilizing such freedoms, I need to pursue Christ and exercise restraint. I need to keep an eye on my spirit – so I am led not into temptation, but a deeper walk with God through His Son Jesus Christ.

Freedom: It should direct my path into His will. It should not hinder, distract, keep me from, or place a near stoppage on my relationship with God through Jesus Christ. Bottom line.



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