12/17/14 – Laying Low (Drama of NCS)

Posted on January 1, 2015

Update: It’s been quite a few days of resting. I am learning my body’s tolerance level is much lower than other’s.
I have been practicing the art of rest. At least, I stopped feeling ineffective. The house will eventually get cleaned up.
I am noticing God at work though, which is a blessing! I ended up staying home from Church on Sunday, to solely rest. I am recognizing how I can meet God here and worship Him, just in a different way than I usually do.

Wrote on December 17, 2014

Lying low.
Even if it “seems” to be all I do, it needs to be increasingly so.

With NCS, I keep dropping things.
Amazing how dropping a laptop (in its case) can lead to a very cracked mirror.

Even if I think “I am fine”, I need to prescribe myself:

  • A whole lot of sodium.
  • A whole lot of fluids.
  • And, a whole lot of sleep

To begin in fulfilling today and tomorrow’s “prescription”, I just took a benadryl so I can hopefully crash out. I hope it helps. I hope my body regains some sense of balance soon. At least a little bit. It has to be enough to get me through Church on Sunday. If I am this  bad on Sunday, …

We will see what God decides to do in my midst.


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