12/16/14 – I Can Do All the “Right” Things

Posted on December 31, 2014

NCS. Sometimes, I am just not okay.  I can do “all the right things”.

  • Sleep.
  • Sodium.
  • Water.
  • G2.

Yet, I am still not okay.  Especially if I have somehow “overdone” it, and simply :not noticed:. I need to be more careful that I don’t cross the boundaries. My senses can’t be overloaded. I need to be more careful about that. I need to be more of a reader/writer, than a music listener. Because when I listen to music, it isn’t at a normal sound level. Then, my hearing and senses whacks out. Just one of the interesting ways things can trigger NCS.

Depression: It’s not bad today. Thankfully. I have stayed out of bed for a couple hours. Though I am getting ready to go back to bed, it’s to rest. I know it’s not 100% better, I know my emotions will be out of wack and my heart will be heavy… especialy with NCS like it has been.

Lately every time I stand (even with my socks), I almost go down.
Not fun.
Not ideal.
One day, I will accomplish cleaning up the house for my family.

Thankfully: Today, I could work on my blog for a few minutes. First time in nearly a week (most likely, because of depression/emotions. Just been completely uninterested in it… which is not me, at all.)


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