Spoken For

spoken forSpoken For is a great book for any woman to read, but particularly great to read as a single young woman. It is all about God’s love and how He has pursued us in a way that we could never come close to imagining. God has pursued us like no other ever could. We need to come back, and remember whose we are. We need to embrace the fact that if we are a Christian, we are God’s. We need to embrace who God has made us to be, and trust knowing we are His!

This book came at exactly the right time for me. It is a thought-provoking book, that has challenged me to think about my own relationship with God through His Son Jesus Christ. It is challenging what I have allowed my identity to be and helped me to realize that the God of the universe loves me and is continually pursuing me! It is a really great book that is continuing to inspire me.

I was given a copy of this book in exchange for a honest review by Blogging for Books.


Published by

Stacey Patrick

Stacey is a writer by nature, and blogs over at gracefullyovercoming.me. Stacey loves to write whenever she can. Her writings center around her love relationship with Jesus Christ, His precious words of truth, chronic illness, and singleness. www.instagram.com/gracefully.overcoming/

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