Spiritual Gifts Survey

list-of-spiritual-giftsMy home church gave us this spiritual gifts survey, which gives a good indicator of what strengths we have, and helps identify what areas I want to work and strive in as I seek to honor God with my gifts.

My top three score:

  1. Prophecy (23 out of 25)
  2. Shepherding (20 out of 25)
  3. Wisdom/Knowledge/Exhortation (19 each out of 25)

Check out: Spiritual Gifts Survey

Have you taken this test?
Where have you noticed your “gifts” are?
How have you used your gift to serve the Lord?


1 thought on “Spiritual Gifts Survey”

  1. Love that you posted a Spiritual Gifts assessment took one about a month ago that Renee Swope had in her book, and I took it again now. Exhortation, Mercy, and Faith were all high. Second came hospitality and lastly teaching. In our next Bible Study maybe we should do a study on Spiritual Gifts.

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