Discipleship Journal Reading Plan: Day 24

Matt 9:27-38; Acts 14; Psalm 22:12-31; Genesis 49

Matthew: These blind men followed Jesus around pleading, and they believed he really could do as they asked. When we follow Jesus presenting our petitions, do we really believe? Do we believe that God can do miraculous things in our midst? Do we believe in the power that resurrected Jesus—that is, the power of the Most High God?…He is the One True God—the One who genuinely, seriously cares for us. He cares for those in need. We have no need to bully ourselves like we often do when we fail ourselves or others—instead let us lean on Jesus, knowing the compassion He has for us (see vs. 36). <3
Memorable Verses: Matthew 9:28; 36
Unbelieving Pharisees: Matthew 9:34
The God who cares: Matthew 9:35-38

This passage is one I had heard about in a teaching, but I don’t recall reading… The pagans were convinced that Paul and Barnabas were their gods (Zeus and Hermes). It was a perfect opportunity to share the Gospel. They were called to turn from the worthless things and turn to the living God (Jesus Christ)! It surprised me how others who did not believe in the Gospel—felt that they had to convince others that it was not true (vs. 1-3). It wasn’t enough for them themselves to not believe. They had to lead others astray. Not only leading others astray, but decidedly pursuing killing Paul—even going to a different city to stone him.
Memorable Verse: Acts 14:15
Disbelief and Dishonesty: Acts 14:1-3
Intervention: Acts 14:15-18 (See vs. 15)
Encourage the Disciples: Acts 14:21-22

Genesis: Just before Jacob’s death, he tells his sons what will come of their lives—as he speaks blessings over them and their descendants (vs. 1). There he gives the blessing he spoke over Judah (the tribe Jesus originated from). Dinah is left out of this final section of what may have showed her life. She will be a mystery, but someone close my own heart. Her brothers’ were given a glimpse of their lives, but she would not be even given a glimpse into the loneliness she most likely faced for the remainder of her life.
Judah—the line of Jesus: Genesis 49:8-12
Jacob’s last request: Genesis 49:29-32

Psalm: This passage includes prophesying and much detail about Jesus’ horrible death—a prophesy given by the Holy Spirit to David, the Psalmist. It would speak of what Jesus would endure for all humanity! And, it is only part of the story—Jesus would be risen on the third day, shocking the whole world, reuniting all mankind to the Father.” Through Christ, we have been given the forgiveness of our sins and made right with God!”

Passages as they relate to the New Testament and Jesus’ death and resurrection:
Psalm 22:12-13~ Chief Priests, Scribes, Pharisees.
Psalm 22:15~ John 19:28- Jesus is thirsty.
Psalm 22:16~ Mt 27:35; Mark 15:24; Luke 23:33; 24:40; John 19:23, 37; 20:25
Psalm 22:17~ Luke 23:35
Psalm 22:18~ John 19:24; Mt 27:35; Luke 23:34
Psalm 22:21~ 2 Timothy 4:17
Psalm 22:22~ John 17:6; Mt 28:10
Psalm 22:24~ Hebrews 5:7


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