Discipleship Journal Reading Plan: Day 22-23

Matt 9:1-26; Acts 13; Psalm 21-22:11; Genesis 46-48

Matthew: Jesus is so clear on His identity, as God’s Beloved Son. He knows who He is. He knows His authority…He invites Matthew—a social outcast due to profession, sits with tax collectors and sinners, healings the lame, raises a dead girl, and heals a woman sick for twelve years. To have such a faith as these He has healed, and to be so sure of what my identity is—just like Jesus.
Verses: Mt 9:4
The Watching Crowd: Mt 9:8
Go and Learn: Mt 9:13
Healing: Mt 9:9:6-7, 22, 25

Acts: Fasting led to the Holy Spirit calling Saul (Paul) and Barnabas—they were “set apart” and called to go minister. They arrived at a synagogue and the leaders asked for a word of exhortation if they felt led. They spoke—many came to know the Lord and were interested in learning more about the Lord.. Next Sabbath, the place was packed because SO many wanted to hear more (See verse 44).
Memorable Verses: Acts 13:22, 42-43
Passages: Psalm 2:7; Isaiah 55:3; Psalm 16:10; Isaiah 49:6
The Holy Spirit Spoke during their fasting: Acts 13:1-3
Ministry begins: Acts 13:4-5
Acts 13:38-41
wanted to know more: Acts 13:42-44
…Reactions to the Good News…
Acts 13:45   Gentiles: Acts 13:48-50
Disciples filled with joy: Acts 13:52

Genesis: God is blessing Jacob and his family. He is providing. It is being seen how God has kept His promise with Israel (Jacob). While reading through these few chapters, I am reminded of Dinah. She was raped by a man named Shechem (chapter 34). In this passage (Gen. 46:15), she is alone. Much of her life was spent alone, as a result. How hopeless she must of felt, as she thought of the future. She would not be married like the other women she knew. She would rely on God and Him alone, as she lived her life surrounded by family–her aging father, her brothers, their wives, and children. Dinah’s life was much different than she may have dreamt, but God remained faithful to her nevertheless.
spoke to Jacob’s fears: Genesis 46:3-4
Dinah: Genesis 46:15
Reunited: Genesis 46:28-30
Provision: Genesis 47:5-6, 11-12
Famine: Genesis 47:18-21

Psalm: God is near! No matter what is going on, God is near. He hears my cries. He hears my heart’s desire. I need to pursue Him–allow Him to be what I crave–allow Him to transform me–making His heart’s desires mine.
Memorable Verses:
Psalm 21:7; Psalm 22:5, 11
Desires: Psalm 21:2-6


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