Discipleship Journal Reading Plan: Day 21

Matt 8:23-34; Acts 12; Psalm 20; Genesis 44-45

Matthew: Am I living by faith? The disciples feared a storm. The people in Gadarenes (See Mt 8:28-34) went out to meet Jesus. (See 8:34) It is when they met him, they pleaded with him to leave their town. There was something about Jesus—His Presence, His assurance of his identity, how He carried Himself that made them fear—and so they pleaded for Jesus to leave their town. “Fear is not of God.” What do we fear? Bring it to the Lord!
Memorable Verses: Matthew 8:27, 34
See: 2 Timothy 1:7, 1 John 4:16, 17

Acts: King Herod was an approval addict. He sought to kill Christians—after killing James, the brother of John, he sought to kill Peter because it would please the people (the non-believers). While Herod waited for Passover to end (to kill Peter) and Peter was in prison, the Church prayed earnestly to God for Peter’s safety and deliverance. God provided! The people at Marks’ home were astonished when Peter stood before them knocking at the door, but they prayed. When we pray, do we expect God to act? Do we trust God?
Memorable Verses: Acts 12:5, 24
Approval Seeking
of King Herod: Acts 12:1-3
Delivered: Acts 12:6-10
The Woman: Acts 12:12-16
Guarding Soldiers Executed: Acts 12:19
Herod—Dead: Acts 12:23

Psalm: God gives us victory. He answers us when we call out to Him! Where is our trust? Are we trusting God or trusting someone else or something instead? There are a few “may” lines in here—it shows more of who God is, as our protector and how He supports us—giving us the victory. Is praise part of our wait while God answers our petitions? Or, do we just wait for the victory? Praise Him in the storm!
Memorable Verses: Psalm 20:7, 9
Songs: Bring On the Rain by MercyMe
Praise You in this Storm by Casting Crowns

Genesis: As I finish up this section of Scripture, the passage that comes to mind is “Keep your minds on things in Heaven above, and not on earth below.” Joseph and his family had everything they could ever want. Pride or resentment could of kept Joseph from showing compassion to his brothers, but it didn’t. Circumstances arise—but keeping God as our focus helps us to not get sidetracked. These things will pass away, but God and His Kingdom lasts for all eternity!
Joseph’s Brothers:
Genesis 44:20,
Jacob: Genesis 44:27-34, Genesis 45:26-27
Release (Truth Made Known): Genesis 45:1-3
Joseph’s Heart: Genesis 45:5a, 11, 14-15, 24
God’s Provision: Genesis 45:5b, 8-9
See: Colossians 3:1-4 (Also 3:5-17)


Author: Stacey Patrick

Stacey is a writer by nature, and blogs over at gracefullyovercoming.me. Stacey loves to write whenever she can. Her writings center around her love relationship with Jesus Christ, His precious words of truth, chronic illness, and singleness. www.instagram.com/gracefully.overcoming/

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