Discipleship Journal Reading Plan: Day 19-20

Matt 8:1-22; Acts 11; Psalm 18:25-19:14; Genesis 41-43

Matthew: The leper had faith (“if you are willing, you can make me well”). The Centurion believed that Jesus would heal his servant, by saying the word—no traveling to the servant needed. The centurion had such faith! Faith—Where is such faith in our land (wherever you are)? Can we find such faith? Where is our own faith—do we believe that God can in an instant answer our heartfelt prayers and petitions?
Memorable Verses: Matthew 8:2, 10-12, 20, 22
Old Testament Scripture: Isaiah 53:4

Acts: Peter was criticized by fellow believers (v. 2-3). Really, all Peter did was pursue faithfulness to God. Peter knew he could not stand in God’s Way. God was doing something new. He has brought and bought salvation to all. God changed hearts and many came to know Jesus Christ as their Savior. God gave the boldness, strength, and words to the disciples, as they shared their faith and testimony with others—and the lives of many were changed!
Memorable Verse: Acts 11:17-18, 20-21, 23

Psalm: In Psalm 19, God radiates. His Presence and Peace washes over us when we finally take time for the quiet life—and seek to listen to Him. God speaks—even in nature when it’s us and God—He speaks and we can finally listen. So many voices are shouting out at us that we lack the ability to hear God’s whispers to us. (See Hosea 2:14) God desires to be with us. It’s about finding ways away from the noise, so we can really genuinely hear from the Lord and just—BE with Him! So many things compete for our attention, and oftentimes whatever is loudest wins… We miss so many blessings this way! Solitude…Time away to be with the Lord and only Him—that’s what our souls truly need.
Memorable Verses: Psalm 18:30, 32; Psalm 19:1-2, 7, 12-14;

Genesis: This is where the blessings really begin to pour into Joseph’s life! Even in prison, Joseph remained faithful to God and served. He gave God his best at everything! He continued to walk in obedience. He refused to steal God’s glory (See Gen. 41:16) when he met the Pharaoh (Egypt’s king). Joseph becomes the governor and in charge of everything. He met his brothers (after all those years), and will be telling them who he is very soon. He is blessed. God is working in unbelievable ways!

A few different thoughts: I wonder how the cupbearer could keep his secret for so long? It must have been many nights of no sleep while thoughts of conviction flooded him for ignoring Joseph’s plea (to be mentioned to the Pharaoh, for he did nothing wrong to be in prison).

What strikes me is Joseph’s brothers—they looked at each at the thought of going to Egypt, referred to Joseph, their brother, who was “no more” (dead), and perhaps still living with the gnawing sensation and conviction of their decision to harm their brother by selling him into slavery.
Memorable Verses: Genesis 41:16, 38, 51-52; Genesis 42:18,
Joseph’s Brothers: Genesis 42:1, 13, 21; Genesis 43:8-10,
Jacob’s Prayer: Genesis 43:14


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