Discipleship Journal Reading Plan: Day 17

Matthew 7:1-14; Acts 10:1-23; Psalm 17; Genesis 37-38

Matthew: Scripture says the way to God’s Kingdom is only through the narrow gate–Jesus is that narrow gate! God’s Word is that narrow gate. It is not a matter of picking and choosing. That is the biggest piece the world misses. I think another big piece a lot of folks miss is—lacking discernment, knowing how/when to judge, and willfully accepting discipline/rebuking from fellow believer in Christ (a gentle talking to, if you will). We often spend much of our time and energy casting our pearls before pigs—and trying to argue to get our point across—instead of spending our time and energy with those who desire to be learners and followers of Christ. We need the core amount of our time to be with those who seek to be a disciple of Jesus, while witnessing to a non-believing world (letting your light shine). Many want to enter His Kingdom, but hate discipline and do not want to be learners of Jesus… Judging—it is to be done carefully, discernibly, and in a way that is appropriate. Are you self-evaluating in your own life?
Mt. 7:2, 6
God’s Kingdom:
Mt. 7:11, 13
“What Does the Bible Mean We are not to Judge Others?”
Weekly Evaluation Worksheet (One I have thoroughly enjoyed over the past few years)
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Acts: God works: Cornelius and Peter both hear from God in a vision. God sent a few of Cornelius servants’ to Peter, and Peter and some of the brothers would accompany them to Joppa to go to Cornelius to share the Good News of Christ. Where is Christ leading you? How is He longing to use you to further His Kingdom and share His great love with others?
Memorable Verses: Acts 10:2, 4b-5, 14-15, 22-23.
Cornelius: Acts 10:1-8
Peter: Acts 10:9-16
Cornelius’ Men Arrive: Acts 10:17-23

Psalm: David seeks God’s help. You can see David’s faith, as he cries to God for help. He is determined to follow God no matter what—he even remembers that God has tested his heart and thoughts. David has stayed faithful in adversity, and he seeks God’s deliverance. As we wait on God, let us stay focused on trusting Him and remaining obedient, knowing He will deliver us and He knows our hearts! God alone will satisfy! (See vs. 14-15). God knows our hearts, but do we take time to examine our motives, thoughts, and our hearts? Do we take time to really self-reflect?
Faith: Psalm 17:1, 6
Examined: Psalm 17:3
Psalm 17:14-15

Genesis: Difficult relationships. Joseph is sold into slavery as a result of their jealous of the love their father had for Joseph. Judah promised Tamar his son as a husband—knowing he would do no such thing. Tamar finds out years later that Judah is coming into town, and acts like a prostitute—getting pregnant with her father-in-law’s children. How do we respond to difficult relationships and others’ dishonesty?
Diverse Relationships:
Gen. 37:2-4, 11
Joseph’s Sold: Gen. 38:27-28
Brother’s Coverup: Gen. 38:31-33
No Comfort for Jacob: Gen. 38:35
Tamar’s Marriages: Gen. 39:6-10;
Judah and Tamar: Gen. 39:15-16, 18-19
Judah’s Comment: Gen. 39:26


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