Discipleship Journal Reading Plan: Day 15

Matt 6:16-24; Acts 9:1-19; Psalm 15; Genesis 34-35.

Matthew: We need to be single-minded, keeping our eyes on Jesus Christ and the heavenly treasures—the things that last for all eternity. We need to realize our spiritual malnourishment, and seek Him wholly. We need to recognize He alone provides; We have no reason to worry.
Memorable Verse:
Mt 6:21, 26, 32-33

Acts: Saul (also know as Paul) was on his way to Damascus, ready to imprison followers of Christ when a light from heaven flashed around him, blinded him, and he heard Jesus’ voice. Annias took a huge step of obedience—when Saul arrived at Damascus, Annias was chosen by God to go and lay hands on Saul restoring his sight. Saul comes to know God–following Him!
Memorable Verse: Acts 9:15-16

Psalm: It describes how we can please God. It reveals what honors God.
Memorable Verse: Psalm 15:5b—“Whoever does these things will never be shaken!”

Genesis: This is a hard passage to read: Dinah’s rape. The acts of the people—were wicked… What happened to Dinah wasn’t her fault. I can see the children (of Jacob) slowly giving into the culture. Different things point to it. Dinah “hung with the women of the land”. The men agreed to intermarry. Two of Jacob’s sons murdered the men of the land. The men plundered everything left behind, even the foreign gods. It all is going downhill. How is this different than today’s world? It doesn’t matter how little we think we are compromising. We are compromising! We see a lot of compromises (forgetting His promises). Giving into certain cultural ideals instead of staying strong in our faith in Christ and allowing God’s standards to be what we desire to cultivate in our lives…

Concerning her rape, what strikes me is how he didn’t pursue her. It was a godless society, but he made the conscious choice. The chapter is filled with “he loved her” etc, but it was a heartless way of showing it–to degrade her in such a way…
Change of Name: Gen. 35:9-10
Command and Promise: Gen 35:11-12
Scandal: Gen. 35:22


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