Discipleship Journal Reading Plan: Day 12

Matt 5:21-32; Acts 7:39-60; Psalm 12; Genesis 29-30

Matthew: Jesus teaches on the law given to us. James 1:13-15 explains the process that we go through. Each person is tempted and dragged away by evil desire and enticed. The desire give birth to sinful actions. Sin is what brings death… Jesus speaks on sin: it begins with one look, one thought, one raw emotion. Instead of looking on the outward like the Pharisees, we need to look inward—and give ourselves to Christ—choosing to be obedient—and trust Him!

Our relationship with others is what hits home: dealing with our relationships in a God honoring way, treating those relationships seriously and with care, being accountable to others and God, examining our hearts, and being made aware of what causes us to stumble, removing those stumbling blocks, and lastly but most importantly repenting before a holy God and recognizing our need for Him! Some relationships are much more difficult than others, but we need to seek to honor Him in each of them.
OT Verses: Ex. 20:13-14, Deut. 24:1.

Acts: Stephen continued to boldly proclaim the truth. The Sanhedrin denied the truth and refused God, just as their ancestors had. They resisted the Holy Spirit. Instead of accepting the truth, they hurled their voices at Stephen and they murdered him. He refused God’s holy truth, and continued in great wickedness!
Memorable Verse:
6:51, 53
OT Verses:
Ex.32:1; Amos 5:25-27; Isaiah 66:1-2.

Psalm: The Lord will boldly act. He will shut up the lying lips. He will act with justice. “See the Sovereign Lord comes with power and his arm rules for him…” (Isaiah 40:10) The people in this passage are much like those Stephen encountered—they sought to speak foolishly thinking it would make them right, but instead it would bring judgment upon them at His appointed time!
Memorable Verses:
12:1, 3, 6-7.

Genesis: Laban tricked Jacob—his kinsmen. Leah given to Jacob, when really Jacob loved Rachel. Jacob didn’t want Leah. Leah spent much time, effort, and heart trying to earn her husband’s love through childbearing. Much effort wasn’t put into Leah, her husband, or their relationship…Rachel was still the love of Jacob’s life… Jacob sought to take his family somewhere else, now that he served his time for Laban. The blemished animals were to be Jacob’s. Laban cheated Jacob—yet again (30:35-36). Still, God would bless Jacob and his family greatly!


Author: Stacey Patrick

Stacey is a writer by nature, and blogs over at gracefullyovercoming.me. Stacey loves to write whenever she can. Her writings center around her love relationship with Jesus Christ, His precious words of truth, chronic illness, and singleness. www.instagram.com/gracefully.overcoming/

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