Some more recipes and notes about my experience trying them out:
Image  Chocolate Chip Cookie Cakes~ One of the things I have missed is having a piece of Chocolate Chip Cookie Cake. Over the Summer, I found out about an allergy to baker’s yeast and eggs. I have tried to eliminate eggs out of my diet as much as possible. This was one of the few recipes that I wanted to try, but it’s tricky. It calls for 1 egg and 2 egg yolks. I can only use so much egg replacer and have it work appropriately as an egg substitute.Today was the day to try it out again. I have tried it before, and LOVED it.

Today…, I didn’t really love how they turned out. They didn’t turn out like I hoped, so will be trying it again another day. I used egg replacer which got a bit tricky. I also may not have put enough sugar. I put less sugar than the recipe called for–thinking I can pull it off (it often works). I wanted to make small cookie cakes and freeze them. I just like having cookies ready to be eaten. If you make, use Nicole’s measurements. I’ll share if I have success next round. Maybe next round I will even use frosting ;).

It’s worth the time though. It made 15 individualized/portion controlled cookie cakes. No comparison to Nicole’s original recipe though in appearance or taste. They could probably be kept in the freezer. (I hope so, that’s where mine are headed once they have cooled)

The recipe: Nicole Hunn’s Chocolate Chip Cookie Cake

Image Thick and Chewy Cookies~ These turned out good last time I made them. SO, I wanted to try them again. I made about 70 small cookies. The recipe says it makes about 2 dozen. Given how small the cookies turned out, probably 3 equal a regular size cookie. Last time, I froze part of the cookie dough…and tried to make them as needed/wanted. It didn’t turn out super well for me. The baking part was harder, but the cookies always tasted good in the end. It was more work to cook though. Today’s cookie batch went AMAZING!! It was the greatest time baking. None of the cookies burned. It was really enjoyable. I followed all the instructions with the exception of ingredients. I made the usual full batch. The only thing difference I did was alter the sugar amount. Instead of 3/4 cup for each kind of sugar, I used 1/3 cup for each sugar (granulated, brown sugar). It made it much more easy-fructose wise. Also, I added about a tablespoon of milk to help the dough along. The dough didn’t really need the milk though. I wanted it to be more dough-like though. I froze majority of the baked cookies once they cooled. It reinforces self-control.

Image Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Muffins~ These are really good and freeze WELL! I made a full batch this time (instead of only 1/2 batch). I don’t measure the chocolate chips for the muffins, but I know I would not use a full cup of chocolate chips for the muffins. I think it would be far too much. I added in pumpkin pie spice (3/4-1 teaspoon) each time I make the muffins since I didn’t have any “allspice” or “cloves”. Anddd, I used less sugar on this one too. I used 1/4 cup of sugar for an entire batch. It made around 17 muffins. <3 One of my favorite treats!

Egg Replacer Recipe
I realize a lot of the recipes I post use eggs. I have been enjoying this egg replacer for a few months. LOVE IT!!! It is a necessity in the recipes I make.


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