Discipline of Silence

Feeling broken/ashamed.
So much has crowded out His voice.
Heart has been feeling heavy.
Many things need to change.
I know where the peace lies though.

God has prepared me for this season of my life. Only I didn’t realize it at the time. I think I was too busy throwing a pity party. 2 years ago I was able to spend a wonderful weekend at a monastery, where God showed me how to really get alone with Him. I really have no reason to complain or emotional when frustrated with my limitations. I may spend a lot of time in bed, but it is really a blessing in disguise: a chance to grow deeply in my walk with Him and fall madly in love with my Savior!

How can I enjoy silence?

Take a short walk
Unplug TV some days.
Read something that draw me closer to my Father.
Declutter/Organize my room so there’s a bit more space
Time of prayer
Just be still
Recognize His blessings.
Take care of what God has given you. (Goes back to keeping room taken care of)
Meditate as you read Scripture.
Blog as you study the Word.
Don’t allow fb to occupy so much of your attention.
Be mindful how you spend your time/energy.

Remember even King David struggled with silence at first. We need to hear God’s voice. We need to be able to discern His voice! The noise of this world is crowding so much out. The still small voices are rarely heard. Put and keep Him first!!!


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