Jesus on Every Page

Jesus on Every Page
By David Murray

jesus on every page“Jesus on Every Page” is about how we can find Jesus in the Old Testament. It is centered on 10 ways we can seek and find Christ in the Old Testament! The fact is this: there are many ways we can see and enjoy Christ–ways we have never even realized. I have been a Christian for—well, a long time. Rarely have I ever seen such a beautiful picture.. Murray focuses our attention of developing a Christ-centered approach to studying the Old Testament..and offers a reminder that I can learn more about Jesus through the Old Testament!  But, the reminder is there. Not only for me, but for each believer in Christ! We can enjoy Christ in the Old Testament. We can see Jesus in each page of our Bibles. Jesus is just as present in the Old Testament as he is in the new. Somehow, we often miss those OT messages about Jesus! Not always, but most of the time. What I like about this book is the things it brings to light. Specific examples of seeing Jesus in the Old Testament. We can see Jesus more and more when we look to the Old Testament. We can learn about his character and great love.

For me, I probably would not of even thought about how Jesus was at work in the Old Testament prior to this book. The thought of “what was Jesus doing up until his arrival in the flesh?” would not of come up, but this book has enhanced that thought. What was Jesus doing until he came in the flesh as a newborn baby? Jesus was at work with the Father–and involved in the lives of his people. Jesus is involved in so much more. We get to see the full story of redemption.

David Murray, the author, has gone on this journey of asking this question, “Is Jesus in the Old Testament?” This book is the result of his journey of learning about and treasuring the Old Testament that gives us even more insight and teachings from Christ. He takes you through how we can know that Jesus is a big part of the Old Testament, followed by where we can discover Jesus.

I am currently reading through the Old Testament in a slow paced form. I am able to sit and meditate on the passages and see how well it lines up with the New Testament. This is a timely book, as I sit and study the passages and new exciting ways I can see Jesus. There is so much more that can be gleaned as I keep my eyes on Jesus, and experience the Lord more.

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