To Live is Christ…

To live is Christ, and to die is gain. The point the scripture brings us to is that there is an advantage regardless. If we are here on this earth, God has a reason! To live is Christ!!! How are we living? Are we recognizing our need for God as our Savior? Are we seeking out God’s Will for our lives?
Paul, in verse 22, writes that while he is here living and breathing, it was an opportunity. It is an opportunity to know Christ, share His love with others, share what Christ has done in our lives, help others, encourage others, building up God’s Kingdom… It is what he calls fruitful labor. Building up God’s Kingdom. We have the chance to be co-workers in God’s work, working to build up the Kingdom of God. We are not a mistake. We are His special creation! He has meant us for sooo much more!!
God has a reason for us being here!
God has a reason for me, just as He does for you!
He has a purpose for us even when we fail to see it.
To live—there is one qualification required: breathing. As long as you are breathing, you are alive. Your quality of life may be far from what you wish it was, but you are ALIVE!! To live is Christ…. Jamieson-Fausset-Brown Bible Commentary states: “to live is Christ—whatever life, time, and strength, I have, is Christ’s; Christ is the sole object for which I live (Gal 2:20).”
The question is: Are you living for Christ? Am I living for Christ? We will each give an account to God, so we better give Him our best. He deserves our best! We need to examine ourselves. Scripture says that we need to examine ourselves to make sure we are in the faith (2 Cor. 13:5). Are you showing evidence of spiritual fruit (Gal. 5:22-23)? Are you seeking Christ daily? Or, have you taken a step back? Are you walking in total obedience to God, the One who created you? (we each probably need to take time, stop, and repent for our disobedience…) What is quiet time like? Is it quality time between you and the Lord, or are there distractions?
Just some questions to help us think about our walk with the Lord, and where He has purposely placed us. We are here for a reason!!
A lot of us that have an intimate relationship with Christ, we long to leave this world and be with Christ in Heaven. The most important thing to realize is that God wants us to use us. He has here for a reason! Will we be obedient to Him? Will we trust Him? Paul recognized that though he wanted to go to Heaven, God had a reason for him continuing to live. God had a ministry he wanted Paul to be involved in. God wanted to use Paul greatly to help many to come to know Jesus Christ!
How can we encourage others?
How can we encourage other believers to continue in the faith and keep seeking Christ?

How can we witness~ and showing others the love of Christ?


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