Chocolate Chip Cookies

I tried a “Sunbutter Rice Krispies” recipe this morning. Well, it bombed…What a waste of my Rice Krispies!! I will have to try a combination of “Rice Krispies” and “Sunbutter” on a different day. I love the idea of having some breakfast ready for on-the-go option. Since I have been in a serious baking mood, I went ahead and found a recipe for some chocolate chip cookies. They looked great, but the really good thing is they taste pretty good too!!

I chose to use a “low fructose” recipe. Seemed like a good idea since most  recipes are loaded with sugar and I cannot handle my fructose. (Figured out marshmallows were a big “no-no” this morning) I chose to use a recipe by Delicious as it looks. Even though theirs called for ‘almond’ flour, I thought it might work with a different flour. I used ‘all purpose’ flour by King Arthur (gluten free, of course). They did not turn out flat, but rather plump. The picture does not do the cookies justice!

I did a few things different from the recipe. I added a little bit more sugar and chocolate chips (about 1/3 each). It created a little bit of a problem. It left me with more dry ingredients than dough, so I had a little bit of a problem with that. So I did what any egg conscious but chocolate lover does: I added one egg white. Just one. It solved the problem, thankfully! I was able to mix the rest of the ingredients into dough. Adding in the egg white lead me to put a little bit more chocolate chips. Aside from using a different flour, that is all that was different. The recipe given by Dianne of Delicous as it Looks has done a GREAT job with this recipe! I love it!!! The cookies were sweet, but not too sweet. Turned out perfect, or as perfect as a cookie can possibly be. Now maybe, I can make my own cookies instead of having to venture out to buy some.


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